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Star Rated Split AC

Certified by the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency), Blue Star's star rated range of Hi-Wall split Acs offers you the dual advantage of high performance cooling and low electricity bills.

5 Star

Stylish, elegant and good looking, this AC certainly adds to the beauty of your home. The inner moulding panel gives this AC the extra shine and enhances its beauty, giving your room a designer look.

3 Star

Introducing eco-friendly refrigerant R410A in the 3 Star category. What’s more, this AC has all the features that you desire -Turbo Cooling, Blow Button, Hidden Display and many more.

2 Star

Here’s a Split AC that completely understands your cooling needs. The Blue Star Split AC has the unique 'I Feel' feature that cools according to the temperature around the user, ensuring maximum comfort.